Herbn Elements offers an industry best 15% off pre-order discount seven days a week. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer.

Bundles for your Plus One

Because we <3 you and your partner too...

Puff Puff, Don't Pass...
2 Legit infused joints (.75g) @ $24 ($28 value)

Cheers 2 Love...
2 25mg bottles of Ray's Infused Lemonade @ $25 ($30 value)

[Supercharged] Cheers 2 Love
2 100mg bottles of Ray's Infused Lemonade @ $40 ($48 value)

The Couple Who Vapes Together...
PAX 3 (Flower) and PAX Era (Oil) Bundle @ $249 ($279 value)
Available in Burgundy and Onyx

Items on sale cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount.

Because you're oh-so special...

☞ 20% of all 10 pack chocolates

Any brand, all THC and CBD chocolates

☞ Buy 7g+ of flower and get 50% off Khush Kush Marshmallow Squares (3pk)

☞ Vendor Tuesdays:
2/2: 20% Off Evergreen Herbal (420 Bar, Hi Light)
2/9: 20% off Sitka
2/16: 20% off Freddy's Fuego
2/23: 30% off Buddies

In-store only. Items on sale cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount.

15% Happy Hour Discount

All month long, take 15% off during our 2x/day Happy Hours:


...because the only thing better than a happy hour is two happy hours.

Rewards Members: 20% Off

Take 20% off your order when you first sign up for our rewards program...and then take 20% off after every 10th visit!

Everyday Specials

These promos never get old!

Wellness Wednesdays

Save 15% on all CBD and Wellness products during the month of February! Excludes products on Sale.

Thirsty Thursdays

Enjoy 15% OFF on all beverages every Thursday in February! Excludes products on sale.

Senior Citizens

All customers 60 years and older save 15% everyday! Excludes all products already on Sale.

Neighborhood Location

Located in North Seattle's Lake City neighborhood, Herbn Elements is your neighborhood joint offering the best prices and largest selection, with the best Budtenders in town.

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