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1. Can I order weed online and have you ship it to my address?

We do have an online menu so our customers can pre-order cannabis and pick it up at our dispensary, but Washington state law does not permit pot shops to ship marijuana (even if it's within the state).

2. When will you be getting some of that awesome Humboldt weed or authentic Moroccan hash?

At this time, everything in Washington retail shops is grown and processed in Washington by vendors with an approved i-502 license. We are not allowed to source anything from out of state.

3. Can I bring this back to my home state?

No. Even if marijuana is legal in that state, cannabis purchased in Washington needs to stay in Washington. DO NOT FLY with cannabis products, even within the state.

4. I'm obviously over 21, why do I need to show my ID?

This industry is new and we have to be careful to set an example and not sell to anyone under 21. It’s best not to take a chance or leave it up to anyone’s judgement as to how old you are. Everyone is treated equally, no matter your age. We’ll check your ID at the door so you can shop, then again when you make a purchase just to be sure. Selling cannabis to a minor is a felony and we want to keep our employees safe from that too. We’re lucky to be able to have such a range of choices in the nice shops around WA and all we have to do is prove that we’re over 21. Pretty cool.

5. Can I smoke in my car?

You can get a DUI, just the same as you could with any controlled substance. A blood test will confirm if you are over 5 nanograms of THC in your system at the time. We staple your bag shut so it can travel safely in your car without an officer thinking you are consuming it while you drive. We recommend that you keep it in your trunk.

6. How much weed can I buy?

You can buy up to the limit of personal possession, which is 28g Flower, 7g Extract concentrates, 16oz Edibles and 72oz Liquids. Medical patients with a current authorization card allowed 3x that limit.

7. Can I smoke at the park?

Washington state law prohibits consumption in public. Especially avoid federal property. Currently, smoking lounges are not allowed.

1. Do you offer recreational marijuana delivery?

Unfortunately we do not offer a delivery service, as Washington state law does not permit dispensaries or couriers to deliver cannabis at this time.

2. Do you serve medical patients?

Yes we do! Herbn Elements is a medically-endorsed marijuana store (per the Washington Department of Health), and we can issue patient ID carts to authorized medical marijuana patients. Please see the “medical” tab on our website for more info.

3. Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes, if you sign up for our “Reefer Rewards” at the kiosk in our shop, you can receive 20% off of a regularly priced single item up to 7g size. All you have to do is check in 10 times.

4. What is your return policy?

We only take returns on items with an electronic defect, including vape cartridges and batteries. These items must include the original packaging AND receipt within two weeks of purchase. Seriously, you need the receipt and packaging. It might not be broken though. There are many ways to trouble shoot your vape cart, so please bring it in along with the battery you are using and we will try to diagnose the problem. Unfortunately, our agreement with PAX does not allow us to take returns in the shop. You must contact them directly.

5. Do you guys take credit or debit cards?

No, we're currently cash only and we have an ATM on site. Until cannabis is “rescheduled,” big banks will not likely provide services to us.

6. Why do other retail shops take credit cards?

Some places take credit/debit cards and treat it like an ATM withdrawal; they still have to charge a processing fee. Other places may not be honest with their bank about the nature of their business, and their account will get shut down once when their bank finds out.

7. How do I find out about sales at the shop?

We post our deals on the Specials section of this website, as well as on Leafly, Weedmaps, Leafbuyer, PotGuide, and we publish an ad in The Stranger every other week. You can sign up for a message through our Reefer Rewards program too.

8. Are you pet friendly?

Definitely! We’ve welcomed dogs, cats, lizards, parakeets, boa constrictors and a tiny monkey in here. Haven’t seen a goldfish yet… Please keep your pet on a leash so all customers feel comfortable when shopping.

1. What's the difference between Clean Green Certified and Department of Health (DOH) certified products?

Clean Green Certified products are cultivated using sustainable practices, with natural pesticides that are approved for use in "organic" farming. The Clean Green program has been certifying marijuana products all over the United States since 2004. Washington State Department of Health (DOH) certified products are tested to ensure that they do not contain heavy metals, mycotoxins, or residual pesticides. DOH certified products bear designations for "High THC," "High CBD," and "General Use" products; though these products are intended for medical marijuana patients, any adult aged 21 or older can purchase DOH certified products as long as they don't have the "High THC" label.

2. So, why is the same brand cheaper at this other retailer then?

Good question. If you're sure it's the same brand, it may be that cultivator gave them a different deal. Sometimes we purchase in smaller amounts to ensure it's a quality product that our regular customers will enjoy, and we're often able to drop the price as we purchase larger amounts of it in the future.

3. When will my favorite strain of flower be coming back?

We try to have a fairly consistent product line up, but we’re working with agriculture here, and there are a ton of variables. Growers like to showcase all kinds of flower, but may not have enough space to grow all types at the same time. If you like the particular grower, then you’ll probably like some other strain they’ve got ready at the time. Or have fun trying a new brand! There’s so much good stuff out there…

4. I don't smoke, so is there something else I would enjoy?

Definitely! We have tinctures, capsules, edibles, drinks and topicals...oh yeah, and personal lubricant.

5. What's with the old harvest date on my weed?

Well cured and stored cannabis holds it’s “freshness” for over a year easily. We have a pretty short growing season in Washington State. It gets cold here! Outdoor harvest typically happens in the late summer & fall. There really isn’t a winter or spring season for outdoor weed. Don’t judge a package by it’s date. Products are held in a controlled storage environment and then packaged to order over the winter, spring & summer months.

6. Can you show me the highest THC products?

We can, and we will, but you’d be missing out on some really great stuff if high THC is your only criteria. Lab testing has come under some heavy scrutiny lately; it’s not the most consistent, and the THC doesn’t really tell you anything about the overall effect you will get from smoking a particular product. We recommend talking to your budtender as they-- or one of their colleagues-- have smoked just about everything we carry in the shop.

7. Why is that strain of flower more expensive than this other one?

The more expensive flower tends to be grown indoors, so the cultivator has more overhead like electricity costs that they have to include in their pricing. Depending on where the business is located, their rent might also be higher if they are in-city vs a rural area.

8. What the heck is "Clean Green Certified?"

Since cannabis is still federally illegal, there is no "organic" designation available to farmers in our state. This is where the "Clean Green Certification" comes in. They certify farms, processors and retail outlets with the same standards. Guess what? We're a certified store with many Clean Green brands. You can learn more at

1. 10mg edible? How do you equate that to smoking?

Uhh, I say it's like 2 or 3 puffs of a joint; for some people that's very intoxicating, but not for others. Edibles can take up to 3 hours for full effect. If you’re new to edibles, start with 5mg and see what happens. Sometimes it’s slower to take effect on a full stomach.

2. What's a "concentrate?"

It's essentially hash oil; it's just produced using more modern extraction methods like CO2, butane, or even just using heat and pressure. Check out our blog article about different concentrates. There’s much to learn with all of the innovation going on right now!

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