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Seattle Events: September 2018

August 31, 2018 @ 8:05AM

The official end of summer is September 22, but it feels like summer is already over in Seattle. Fortunately there are still tons of exciting events happening in and around the city this month, and we’ve curated some of our favorite September events here for your consideration:

September 1 & 2 - Laser Dome @ Pacific Science Center

A popular (and even stereotypical) activity for cannabis enthusiasts since the 60s, Pacific Science Center is known for their laser light shows set to music. They have shows themed for bands you’d expect, like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, though most of their shows are set to modern favorites like Beyonce, Cardi B, ODESZA, Childish Gambino, Mastodon, and the music of Stranger Things.

September 1-3 - Pax West @ Washington State Convention Center

Not to be confused with the vaporization device, Pax is an extremely popular convention dedicated to gaming. No comics here, just video and board games. Budtenders Alex and Nathan went last year and said it was a blast!

Thursday, September 6 - Weed School: Avitas @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session this Thursday! Folks from Avitas will be here from 4 to 7pm to talk about their premium CO2 cartridges. Their products will be 15% off during their visit!

Thursday, September 6 - Witch Ripper @ Fun House

At this point it’s tradition to feature at least one doom metal or sludge metal band in every Herbn Elements blog, and this month the glory goes to Witch Ripper! Budtender Bree will be attending to support her boyfriend’s band [before going on tour with them for a couple of weeks]. It’s also worth noting that Mushroomhead and Powerman 5000 will be playing next door at El Corazon.

September 6-29 - Angry White Men @ Gallery 110

A provocative look at the resurgence of white nationalism, Angry White Men is a haunting gallery of oil paintings that depicts supremacists from around the globe. Needless to say, attending this free gallery will be an intense experience, and that’s only one of the reasons this one-of-a-kind artistic achievement can’t be missed. You probably won’t wanna be high for this one, but you’ll definitely wanna smoke a bowl afterward.

September 7-9 - Cloneapalooza @ Cascade Peaks Campground

Cloneapalooza in Randle, Washington is a 3-day camping and music festival that’s cannabis friendly! Bring a tent, some friends, lots of herb, and get ready to rock out to metal and punk bands all weekend!

Saturday, September 8 - #all4doras @ The Crocodile

Remember that one boy band from Making the Band? O-Town? They’re playing The Croc this September, though the true headliner for the show is #all4doras: Seattle’s only tribute boy band. One of the dudes from #all4doras is a regular customer of ours, so be sure to support them the way they support us!

Tuesday, September 11 - The Distillers @ Showbox

Bust out the safety pins and dab on some distillate, because punk rock legends The Distillers are back together after a 12-year hiatus! Unfortunately the show is sold out as of this writing, so if you have extra tickets, come by the shop and let me know.

Thursday, September 13 - Tinctures, Glycerites & Liniments @ Ada’s Technical Books

“Sell a man a tincture and he medicates for a day. Teach a man to make a tincture, and he’ll medicate for life.” Words to live by from our resident philosopher (apparently that’s what I’m calling myself now). Stop by Ada’s and learn how to make your own tinctures and topicals using your favorite herbs (hint hint).

September 13-14 - Brian Posehn @ Laughs Comedy Club

You might not recognize his name, but you’ll recognize his face from sitcoms like The Sarah Silverman Program and New Girl, and you’ll recognize his voice from cartoons like Bob’s Burgers. Check out the hilariously understated Brian Posehn performing at Laughs Comedy Club in the U-district!

Sunday, September 16 - Sean Riccio @ Comedy Underground

Come out and support one of our newest budtenders, Sean Riccio, as he auditions for the 2018 edition of The Seattle International Comedy Competition! The show starts at 8pm.

Thursday September 20 - Weed School: Western Cultured @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session this Thursday! Our new friends at Western Cultured will be here from 4-7pm to talk about their pesticide-free indoor buds. All of their products will be 15% off while they’re here!

September 20-23 - Seattle/ King County Clinic @ Key Arena

Not everyone in our country likes the idea of affordable healthcare, and if you’re one of those people, you certainly won’t want to receive free dental, free vision, or free medical care at the Seattle/ King County Clinic. Hosted at the Key Arena, this 4-day event brings together healthcare agencies, non-profits, private businesses, and volunteers to provide health services to underserved populations. Please spread the word if you or someone you know could benefit from this event.

September 22-23 - Cat Video Fest @ SIFF

Somewhere between the Facebook arguments and the invention of AOL, we lost sight of what the Internet is supposed to be about: funny videos of cats. Take some edibles and celebrate the Internet’s legacy offline at SIFF’s Cat Video Fest.

Saturday, September 22 - Free Museum DayFree State Park Day

Get out of the house! Go learn something and/or get some fresh air! All museums and state parks will be free on September 22nd, so take advantage. Per usual, we’d like to remind you that the public consumption of cannabis is illegal in state parks, but it’s totally cool if you’re out of view in your own tent or RV.

Tuesday, September 25 - Chelsea Wolfe & Russian Circles @ Showbox SODO

Experimental/ goth-rock/ doom metal artist Chelsea Wolfe is playing Showbox SODO this September with local favorite Russian Circles. Both bands have a major following in Seattle, and having them both in the same venue will undoubtedly have a synergistic effect on their performances (or an “entourage effect,” as we say in the cannabis industry). Say hi to Budtender Dylan if you see him there!

Thursday, September 27 - Weed School: House of Cultivar @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! Our new friends at House of Cultivar will be here from 4-7pm to talk about their ultra premium indoor-grown buds. All House of Cultivar products will be 15% off while they're here!

Friday, September 29 - A Drag Tribute to Tarantino @ Timber Room

Seattle has tons of great drag shows and burlesque shows happening every month, but we only feature the especially unique ones in our blog. This September, we're pleased to announce that WEIRD is putting on a drag tribute to Quentin Tarantino at Timber Room. Put on a clean suit, smoke out of a honey bear bong, and get ready for a memorable night out!

Sunday, September 30 - Grilled Cheese Grand Prix @ Fremont Sunday Market

Round up the crew and get your munch on at the Grilled Cheese Grand Prix. Local food trucks will be serving their usual fare, plus their take on grilled cheese as part of a friendly competition.

Those are our picks for September! Have fun out there, and be sure to visit Herbn Elements for all your cannabis needs.

Article by Ramsey Doudar; an in-house marketing and social media strategist at Herbn Elements. Ramsey's perspective is influenced by 2 years of budtending, 5 years as a cannabis industry marketing professional, and 10+ years of being a super picky medical patient.