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Seattle Events: September 2017

August 31, 2017 @ 7:03PM

There’s never a dull moment in Seattle! As summer winds down and transitions into autumn, the city is packed to the brim with tons of exciting events for locals and tourists alike. Here’s a curated list of our favorite events happening in Seattle this month:

September 1-3 - Bumbershoot

The 3-day Seattle festival is back with headliners including Die Antwoord, Lorde, Weezer, Flo Rida, The Roots, and Foster the People! Stand up veterans Margaret Cho, Judah Freidlander, and Todd Barry will be there too, so be sure to visit us first (if you’re in a rush, try pre-ordering online)!

September 7 - Weed School: Red Frog

One of our favorite new vendors, Red Frog, will be in the store on Thursday, September 7th to talk about their high quality (but highly affordable) line of indoor flower. All their products will be 20% OFF ALL DAY!

September 8 - Jen Kirkman

One of the most underrated comedians of the last few years, Jen Kirkman is a hilarious comic whom you may recognize from Drunk History, Chelsea Lately, and her Netflix comedy specials. Known for her relatable, conversational style of self-deprecating humor, Kirkman offers a refreshing & hysterical perspective that any Seattleite can appreciate.

September 8-10 - Mariners vs Angels

The west coast rivalry rages on! Can you believe the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will dare to set their cleats on our turf?! The nerve! Let’s watch the Mariners hash it out with our SoCal rivals at SafeCo field (or stop by the shop and check in on the score).

September 9 - Bob’s Buns! Buns! Buns!

A sleeper hit on streaming services like Netflix, Bob’s Burgers is a quirky and lighthearted animated show that has delighted [stoned] adults for 6 years now. Fans of the show will appreciate Columbia City Theater’s production of “Bob’s Buns! Buns! Buns!” which bills itself as a ‘lost episode’ that relives and distorts memorable moments from the show’s 6 seasons. Is it a musical? Is it a play? Is it even live action? Nobody knows, and the suspense is killing us!

If you haven’t seen Bob’s Burgers, consider this your intervention; tonight we encourage you to light up, laugh, and try not to crave the “burger of the day” specials in every episode.

September 9 - Night Market and Autumn Moon Fest

30+ food trucks open from 4pm to midnight. If that beautiful sentence fragment didn’t trigger a musical number in your mind à la Templeton the rat from Charlotte’s Web, then just make yourself a salad and stay in for the night.

September 10 - Seahawks vs Packers

One day the Seahawks will sell foam “bud head” hats we can wear to football games, but until they come around, we’ll just have to munch our edibles while silently resenting those dope "cheese head" hats that Packers fans get to wear. So unfair. Anyway, come and see us for party favors if you’re gonna be watching the game at home.

September 11 - Epica

One of Olivia’s favorite bands is playing this month! Don’t miss Epica; a symphonic metal act from The Netherlands fronted by a powerful female vocalist. Better still, they’ll be sharing the stage with Lacuna Coil (Italian goth metal)!

September 12 - Pepper

Did you recently move to Seattle from Southern California (or Hawaii)? If so, go and see Pepper at Showbox Sodo and you’ll feel right at home! Stop by Herbn Elements before the show and we can help you pair the experience with strains like Lemon OG or Hawaiian Diesel.

September 14 - Weed School: Northwest Connoisseurs

Our friends from Northwest Connoisseurs will be in the shop to talk about their craft cannabis grown on Orcas Island! Their products will be 20% OFF ALL DAY! It’s a long journey for them, so come out and show them some love. 

September 16-17 - Chris Rock

We can only imagine what timely perspectives Chris Rock will share in his September 2017 stand up shows, but we know they're definitely going to be hysterical and painful at the same time. Tickets are likely to sell quickly, so don’t miss out on what’s sure to be a once in a lifetime performance!

September 16 - Weedini: The Marijuana Magician

Round up the crew and get ready for some hilarious and mind-blowing illusions from award-winning magician Weedini! Supporting this sort of sorcery back in the day could have gotten you stoned to death, but thankfully the modern world enables us to get stoned to death before delighting in said comedic witchcraft.

September 16 - Nitro Citrus

If you never caught the popular MTV series a few years back, "Nitro Circus”— led by Travis Pastrana— is a group of professional athletes who partake in epic (often dangerous and amusing) stunts… kind of like Jackass, but with Red Bull money and less, uh, jackassery. The Nitro crew is putting on a live show at SafeCo field, and we expect it will be a memorable experience to say the least!

September 17 - Seahawks vs 49ers

Ah, it’s that special time of the year when budtenders Lahna and Moriah shamelessly root for the 49ers, shouting at the TV all day while all their customers in Seahawks jerseys smile politely. No matter who you’re cheering for, be sure to stop by Herbn Elements and enjoy the spectacle!

September 21 - Weed School: Avitas

The team behind Avitas will be in the store to talk about their wildly popular vape carts, as well as the cultivation techniques and extraction technology they utilize to make them. Avitas cartridges will be 20% OFF ALL DAY!

September 21-23 - Cloneapalooza: Camping & Music Festival

Escape to Vashon Island, pitch a tent, and enjoy this cannabis-friendly festival of music and comedy! With a maximum of 500 attendees, this promises to be a unique experience for our customers who need a break from city life.

September 22 - Zelda: Symphony of Goddesses

In the future, “classical” music will just be original scores from the games we played as kids. As it happens, the future is now; the Seattle Symphony is performing "The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses — Master Quest” with a 66-piece orchestra and a 24-piece choir. Picture how rad that’s gonna be while you’re sitting there with a 50mg Olala soda in your belly!

September 23 - Tom Jones

Legend goes that in his youth as a bricklayer, Tom Jones learned to expand his diaphragm by setting bricks on his chest and singing as loud as he could… imagine how epic his bong rips must be! Mr. Jones is playing The Paramount this month, so grab some [clean] panties to toss on stage, smoke some “Green, Green Grass of Home” and go see what’s new, pussycat! You’re likely going to run into Ramsey there (he’ll be the one in the metal band t-shirt wiping tears of joy from his face).

UPDATE (9/8): Due to his doctor's orders, Tom Jones is cancelling this US tour and postponing it a few months. We wish Tom Jones a speedy recovery and look forward to catching him the next time around.

September 27 - Damian Marley

The Marley name has been synonymous with ganja-inspired entertainment for generations, and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley is no exception. The youngest of the Marley clan, Damian has cultivated his own space in the reggae/ dancehall scene and we’re stoked he’s bringing the sound of Jamaica to Seattle. For what it’s worth, we do carry a strain called Dancehall (20:1 CBD strain), as well as his father’s favorite cultivar: Lamb’s Bread (sativa).

September 30 - Gorillaz

Gorillaz are back! We can hardly imagine an event better suited to habitual cannabis users than an evening of live music accompanied by groundbreaking animation. Pick up some Gorilla[z] Glue and be sure to say hi to our assistant manager Saul if you see him at the show!

Sept 30 - Life:Forms Art, Gem & Music Festival

It’s miraculous enough that we as a species are able to modify minerals like quartz and borosilicate into instruments to get high with, and it’s even more spellbinding when you toke up before a gem show and observe these miracles of nature up close. In addition to the gem & mineral vendors, there will be 3 music stages, 75 craft/ gourmet vendors, and 9 live artists. Bring the kids, because they get in for free!

Article by Ramsey Doudar; an in-house marketing and social media strategist at Herbn Elements. Ramsey's perspective is influenced by 1.5 years of budtending, 5 years as a cannabis industry marketing professional, and 10+ years of being a super picky medical patient.