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Seattle Events: October 2017

October 2, 2017 @ 1:49PM

Rain’s back, the clouds are overhead, and summer is just a distant memory now. Yes my friends, Seattle is back to the chilly gray state we all know and love, but with one major upside: it’s Halloween season! Here’s a curated list of our favorite events happening in and around Seattle this month:

All Month - Scared to Death

Where else can you go to see the axe from The Shining, Freddy Krueger’s sweater, and several other horror film artifacts like the chair from Hostel? Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP; formerly known as EMP) has its impressive “Scared to Death” exhibit running throughout October! Take it from us: this exhibit alone is worth the price of admission (though all the Nirvana memorabilia is pretty sweet too).

Sunday, October 1 - Seahawks vs Colts

In this home game, the Seattle Seahawks will play the Indianapolis Colts at Centurylink Field. You’d think we’d have some clever commentary to add to that, but you’d be wrong.

Tuesday, October 3 - Harry Potter Trivia Night

Let’s be honest, few things in life are more excruciating than finding yourself in a bar on trivia night; between the overabundance of IPAs on the beer menu and the foul stench of pseudo-intellectualism in the air, it’s enough to drive any reasonable person insane. Thankfully we found a trivia night devoid of pretension where the questions might actually be answerable! Bring your nerdiest friends, toss back some butterbeers, and enjoy Harry Potter Trivia Night at Neumo’s!

Thursday, October 5 - Campfire: Improvised Ghost Stories

Unexpected Productions presents spooky, creepy, and hilarious improvised ghost stories based on real-life events shared by audience members. This event will also be occurring on the 12th, 19th, and 26th of the month too, so catch it each week to hear a completely different story!

Thursday, October 5 - Weed School: Fairwinds

Stop by the shop after 4pm and learn about Fairwinds’ topicals and tinctures. Their products will be 20% OFF ALL DAY!

Thursday, October 5-31 - Witch-Ikon: An Exhibition of Contemporary Witchcraft Imagery

This free gallery in the Pioneer Square area features a special exhibition about witchcraft imagery in art. Throughout the month, various guest lectures will be presented on aspects of the witch in art. This October event promises to be the perfect intersection of culture and creepiness.

Friday, October 6-31 - Into The Basement

Explore actual subterranean ruins with a flashlight while creeps in horror makeup jump out at you from the darkness. Part haunted house and part puzzle room, Into the Basement is an immersive horror experience that’s not to be missed! 

Saturday, October 7 - Depressed Cake Shop

This one-day popup bakery encourages a dialogue about mental health issues by selling gray-colored cookies, cakes, and other baked goods (all donated by local bakers). Though they may look dismal on the outside, these goodies and bright and colorful on the inside to represent hope for those who struggle with mental health issues. Pick up some extraordinary munchies for a good cause!

Tuesday, October 10 - Cannabis Corpse

If you’re a metalhead, there’s a chance you’ve headbanged to Cannibal Corpse at some point in your lifetime. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “this is brutal and all, but I wish they had songs about weed instead of just graphic violence,” then you’re a weirdo, but you’re gonna love Cannabis Corpse! This death metal act out of Richmond, Virginia sounds just like [early] Cannibal Corpse, only all their songs are about getting stoned. It’s bizarre and magical; you have no idea what you’ve been missing.

Thursday, October 12 - Weed School: Oleum Extracts

Come down to the store, meet the folks from Oleum Extracts, and learn why their concentrates are widely regarded as the best dabs in Washington state! Their dabs will be 20% OFF ALL DAY!

Friday, October 13 - Seattle Comedy OGs

Cliff Barnes and James Heneghen have been fixtures of the northwest comedy scene for decades! Enjoy a special evening of comedy on Friday the 13th at The Pocket Theater in Greenwood. Sponsored by Herbn Elements (so toke up first).

Sunday, October 15-31 - Seattle Restaurant Week

With over 165 restaurants participating this year, Seattle restaurant week is a stoner’s dream come true! Smoke a bowl, take a look at the sprawling list of participants, and enjoy a 3-course meal for $33! Seattle Restaurant Week is a great way to try out local eateries without breaking the bank. Be sure to tip your servers well!

Tuesday, October 17 - Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

Though the film is nearly 100 years old, Nosferatu still holds up as a classic horror film that helped to define the genre. While some of the budtenders at Herbn Elements plan to observe Halloween by replacing Nosferatu’s classical score with a doom metal soundtrack, you can get a more authentic in-person experience by enjoying the film in a theater with live piano accompaniment (plus members of Seattle Symphony).

Thursday, October 19 - Weed School: American Hash Makers

Swing by Herbn Elements, meet the American Hash Makers, and learn how they produce their high quality and terpene-rich hashish. Their hash will be 20% OFF ALL DAY! 

Friday, October 20-31 - This is Halloween

It’s anyone’s guess why The Nightmare Before Christmas hasn’t been adapted into a blockbuster broadway musical by now, but apparently Disney is capable of forgoing a potential revenue stream. Thankfully here in Seattle, Triple Door’s yearly production of “This Is Halloween” has become a modern tradition! Enjoy the spooktacular evening of live music, dance, chicken skewers, and cocktails.

Thursday, October 26 - Weed School: Calyx & Trichome

Come on down and meet our newest top shelf producer! Learn how Calyx & trichome grows some of the most beautiful and flavorful buds in the state, and bring some home while they’re 20% OFF ALL DAY! 

Thursday, October 26 - Action Bronson

Rapper/ comedian/ foodie/ noted cannabis enthusiast Action Bronson is taking over Showbox SoDo and bringing his unique brand of rap to Seattle again. We could try and describe his precise flows and amusing pop culture references, but Action Bronson is really the sort of artist that you need to experience for yourself.

Saturday, October 28 - Tokers' Bowl and Masquerade Gala

Join the Hempfest crew for a members-only Halloween “extravaganja” ($15 trial memberships are available, otherwise it’s $30 for the year) featuring costume contests for the scariest, hempiest, sexiest, and best all over costumes. If nothing else, this is a Halloween event where you won’t have to worry about being the only one who smells like Strawberry Cough.

Sunday, October 29 - Seahawks vs Texans

Did you know Texas has a football team called the Houston Texans?! You can’t make this shit up, people! Anyway, our boys in blue & gray are totally gonna crush that team I’ve never heard of. Pretty sure of it. Watch it all go down at Centurylink Field (or the nearest TV).

Tuesday, October 31 - In This Moment

Originally from Los Angeles, In This Moment is a rock band that’s tough to describe, though The Stranger actually did a great job when they said they look “like a Lady Gaga-fronted Rob Zombie side project” and "concoct metal out of blues traditions, operatic drama, and straight up sludge.” The only things we’d add to that description are that they have a goth/ industrial vibe and they're a great choice for a concert on All Hallows Eve.

Those are our favorite local events for the month of October 2017— thanks for reading, and check back next month for another curated list of Seattle events!

Article by Ramsey Doudar; an in-house marketing and social media strategist at Herbn Elements. Ramsey's perspective is influenced by 1.5 years of budtending, 5 years as a cannabis industry marketing professional, and 10+ years of being a super picky medical patient.