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Seattle Events: February 2018

February 1, 2018 @ 8:26AM

It’s February— which is of course the month of Valentine’s Day— so Seattle is getting especially weird this month. As usual, we combed through all the fun stuff going on in and around the city and hand-picked our favorites for the month.

February 1-28 - Seattle Museum Month / Annual Art Exhibit Honoring Black History Month

Stay woke, y'all: get out of the house and learn something this month! Forty of the best museums in the greater Seattle area are offering free or half price admission through February. The catch is that this offer is only for people who are staying at one of the participating hotels downtown, so this is really more of an opportunity for tourists than Seattle residents (but it may be something to take advantage of if you have friends or family in town).

It’s also worth mentioning that the annual art exhibit honoring black history month is running Tuesday through Saturday at The Michael Birawer Gallery in Pioneer Square. Admission is free on opening night (Thursday, February 1st).

Friday, February 2 - Welcome Robot Overlords Party @ Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar

We’ve all seen the movies; we all know “Skynet” (or “the other Skynet”) will become self aware at some point and ultimately enslave the human race… but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it, right?! Dress to impress our future robot overlords by wearing shiny, blinky, metallic-looking clothes and dancing the night away. Double points if you can do the robot and moonwalk at the same time.

February 2-25 - Mamma Mia! @ 5th Avenue Theater

Based on the music of ABBA— one of the best-selling artists of all time, whether you like it or not— Mamma Mia! is a lighthearted musical about a young woman who happens upon her mother’s diary, learns more than anyone should know about their own mother, then invites 3 of her mom’s former lovers to her wedding to try and figure out which one is her father. 

If you don’t love musicals, there’s a good chance that you’re entirely too sober. We can fix that.

Saturday, February 3 - Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Pajama Party @ Full Tilt Ice Cream

These days we’re inundated with hundreds of arbitrary holidays presumably invented by marketers to sell random crap (like “National Stuffed Mushroom Day” on February 4th), but "Ice Cream for Breakfast Day" is one we can get behind. Celebrated the first Saturday of February, this holiday was apparently invented in the 1960’s by a mother of 6 who just wanted her kids to stop complaining about the snowy weather outside and made up the holiday in attempt to shut them up. Those brats carried on her “tradition" for decades to come.

Full Tilt Ice Cream in Ballard (as well as their University District, White Center, and new Capitol Hill location) is celebrating by throwing a Saturday morning pajama party with special breakfast-themed ice cream flavors and waffles à la mode. They’ll also be serving morning beverages like OJ, cold brew, and mimosas to make it a true breakfast of champions. Needless to say this a perfect “wake and bake” event, so act accordingly and wear your jammies on the bus (never drive under the influence).

Wednesday, February 7 - International Clash Day: Clash Cover Night @ KEXP

Five years ago, KEXP host John Richards decided to play The Clash on the radio for 12 hours straight, declaring February 7th to be International Clash Day. According to Richards, the holiday was created "because of our love of great music, the rebellious nature of the band, the insane catalog to play from and because there really was nothing else going on that day. In an official proclamation, the City of Seattle adopted the holiday 2 years ago to recognize The Clash for “establishing their unique sound combining punk with reggae, dub, funk, and ska, behind socially conscious lyrics.”

In addition to the 12-hour radio takeover, the 2018 celebration of International Clash day entails a Clash cover show at KEXP’s gathering space. Buy your tickets in advance and get ready to rock the casbah!

Thursday, February 8 - Weed School: Fairwinds @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! The team from Fairwinds Manufacturing will be in the shop from 4-7pm to talk about their cannabis-infused lube (O Intimate Lubricant), as well as their high quality tinctures, topicals, capsules, and feminine relief suppositories. All Fairwinds products will be 20% OFF all day!

Friday, February 9 - Night of 1,000 Mansons @ Timbre Room

I can say without shame (because I have none left at this point) that the event I’m most excited to attend in February is a drag show tribute to Marilyn Manson. While there’s no doubt in my mind someone will perform his single worst song, I’m hoping the other performers will delve into the band's discography, embracing deep cuts that defy gender roles and social norms (to say the least).

If you need a little inspiration, check out this 1999 live performance of “I Don’t Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)” with lingerie and gospel singers. You’re welcome.

Saturday, February 10 - Valentine’s Paint Dance @ Gasworks Gallery

If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to paint a stranger without getting your ass kicked, here’s your chance! The Gasworks Gallery is hosting a Valentine’s warehouse party where all attendees are “human canvases,” wearing white clothes and painting eachother with bright colors. Space is limited to just 48 people, and all attendees must be 21 or older. Bring your own beer (or La Croix, or cannabis-infused beverages) and a respectful attitude.

Wednesday, February 14 - Nudeprov @ The Pocket Theater

A lot of people think the idea of performing improv comedy is intimidating… the concept of walking onto a stage and performing an unscripted show for an audience is a mortifying premise for many. Picture it. Are you picturing it? Good. Now imagine that you’re completely naked on top of that. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? If you’re like us, you’d probably rather watch someone else deal with that.

A group of brave improv comics are bearing their souls (and everything else) for this experimental comedic performance, so show your support while they show their junk! Oh, and you can also watch in the nude if so inclined.

Wednesday, February 14 - Valentine’s Day Pizza-Grams from Big Mario’s New York Style Pizza

Tell that special stoner in your life how you feel: send them a pizza! Big Mario’s on Capitol Hill is delivering heart-shaped pizzas between 12pm and 10pm on Valentine’s day. For $30 (including tax & tip), they’ll deliver a heart-shaped pie of your choice along with a single red rose and a[n optional] custom message! If you need a special dessert, stop by Herbn Elements and check out our selection of edibles.

Wednesday, February 14 - Galentine’s Day @ Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery

"Oh, it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.” - Leslie Knope of Parks & Recreation

Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery is celebrating Galentine’s a day late, but we forgive them because ladies get a free cone [while supplies last].

Wednesday, February 14 - LP @ Showbox

Originally a songwriter for pop artists like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, LP (born Laura Pergolizzi) is a one-of-a-kind indie rock singer with a voice that sounds like Gwen Stefani after a pack of Marlboro reds. Listen to her international hit “Lost on You” and tell me you don’t want to hear her voice in person. “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em ‘cause it’s going down."

Thursday, February 15 - Weed School: Top Shelf @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! Our friends from Top Shelf will be in the shop from 4-7pm to talk about their flavorful buds and their popular vape cartridges. All Top Shelf products are 20% OFF ALL DAY.

February 16-22 - Noir City 2018 @ SIFF Cinema Egytian

Allow yourself to be transported to a simpler time, back when trench coats were in style, cigarettes were good for you, and rich widows enlisted private investigators to ultimately discover they shot their own husbands. Gasp!

Featuring eighteen newly-restored films, Noir City 2018 is a noir film festival spanning 7 consecutive days at the SIFF Egyptian Cinema. See one flick for $15, or get a pass and see them all for $150.

Sunday, February 18 - One Love Wedding Showcase Seattle @ Sheraton Seattle

Planning a wedding may not be as fun as you hoped it would be, but attending a wedding showcase can help you get ideas and get the ball rolling. One Love is a wedding show geared towards LGBTQ couples (which— not to get all Seattle on you, but— that shouldn't make an iota of difference if you’re planning a heteronormative wedding. If anything, it just means better options for food, decor, and music).

The event is free with pre-registration, or $15 at the door. We strongly advise you get stoned before attending any wedding show.

Thursday, February 22 - Weed School: Lazy Bee Gardens @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! Our friends at Lazy Bee Gardens are back with a beautiful new harvest; they’ll be in the shop to talk about their sungrown, Clean Green Certified buds and their permaculture grow technique. All Lazy Bee products will be 20% OFF ALL DAY!

Saturday, February 24 - My Dad Wrote a Porno @ The Moore Theater

If you haven’t heard of the podcast sensation that is My Dad Wrote a Porno, I implore that you minimize this article and listen to the first episode as soon as you finish this sentence. I’m not even kidding; do it now.

You’re still here? Alright, I’ll set the scene then: this real-life English dude found out his father wrote [a hilariously bad attempt at] an erotic novel, so he invited 2 friends over to commentate as he reads it aloud for their podcast. Again, this is all real… none of it is scripted! The show is laugh out loud hilarious, and the folks from the podcast are coming to Seattle for a live reading of the latest chapter in the Belinda Blinked series.

Tuesday, February 27 - Dark Funeral @ Studio Seven

If you’re sick of all the lovey dovey crap by the end of February, try a palate cleanser in the form of black metal. Dark Funeral (one of my favorite acts in the genre) is a Swedish black metal band known for their [surprisingly] melodic brand of blasphemous cacophony. I won’t lie: there’s not a whole lot that makes Dark Funeral unique compared to other black metal acts, but they’ve been around for a while and spent the last 2 decades honing their craft.

Finally, we’d like to leave you with some honorable mentions for local events worth considering:

Thanks for reading! We’ll be back next month with more fun Seattle events.

Article by Ramsey Doudar; an in-house marketing and social media strategist at Herbn Elements. Ramsey's perspective is influenced by 1.5 years of budtending, 5 years as a cannabis industry marketing professional, and 10+ years of being a super picky medical patient.