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Seattle Events: December 2017

December 1, 2017 @ 8:42AM

It’s that time again! This month we’ve waded through the plethora of December events and narrowed them down to our favorites; If you’re specifically looking for a comprehensive list of Christmas events in Seattle, this blog may be a bit of a letdown for you, though we do have a few holiday events here for your consideration.

December 2: Benefit for Jon Hernandez @ Tony V's Garage

In addition to being a bassist and vocalist for local act Silent Opposition, Jon Hernandez was a husband, a father, and the beloved cousin of an Herbn Elements employee. Jon tragically passed away in his sleep late October, leaving his grieving bandmates to organize benefit concerts to celebrate Jon's life and simultaneously raise money for the wife and son he left behind. During this season where we celebrate our families and loved ones, we hope that you please keep the Hernandez family in your hearts and consider attending this concert (and/or the one in the University District happening on the 16th) to support the cause.

December 2, 9, & 16: Snow Train to Leavenworth

Celebrate winter Washington style by riding the snow train to Leavenworth! Start your morning with a continental breakfast aboard the train as it treks through a scenic Northwest landscape with carolers, magicians, and other entertainers performing in the aisles. Spend the day in scenic Leavenworth, experience what it’s like to live inside of a snow globe, then enjoy your dinner on the train ride home.

Their website says you can’t bring your own booze, but they neglected to mention cannabis. There aren’t any pot shops in Leavenworth, so come by Herbn Elements the day before and we can show you our many discreet options for getting buzzed on-the-go!

December 3 - Pixies @ The Paramount

Alt-rock legends Pixies are playing The Paramount this month! Andrea already won her tickets the old fashioned way (calling a radio station in the middle of a work day… shame shame), but you’re going to have a harder time getting in now that the tickets are sold out! Get your cardboard “NEED PIX TIX” sign ready and wear warm clothes for begging outside the venue.

December 6 - Dark Corners of the City: Literary Murder in Seattle

Hey, so where’s the best place to murder someone in Seattle? Asking for a friend. Authors David B. Williams and Kevin O’Brien are going to meander Capitol Hill and have a lively conversation about their favorite places to commit fictional[?] murder in the city. I might show up to research locations for an upcoming story[?] I'm working on.

December 7 - Jhené Aiko @ Showbox SODO

On the surface Jhené Aiko might come off like every other dime-a-dozen overly-mellow singer-songwriter who probably thought way too highly of the Garden State soundtrack… but then you listen closer to her music and realize her songs are the perfect tempo and tone for enjoying with an altered state of mind. Realizing her latest album is called “Trip,” and features a song called, “Sativa,” it suddenly becomes clear that Jhené Aiko is not another run-of-the-mill indie artist... she's one of us. Get extra hipster points by smoking a joint at her show before the rest of the country learns how to pronounce her name!

December 7 - Weed School: Top Shelf @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! The purveyors of Dubshots will be in the store from 4 to 7 to talk to our customers about their flavorful indoor buds and how they’re able to produce such high quality products at a great price. Better still, all of Top Shelf's products will be 20% OFF ALL DAY!

December 8 - Brutalesque Holiday Onslaught @ Rendezvous

Billing itself as a “seasonal travesty of epic proportions,” the Brutalesque Holiday Onslaught is a heavy metal holiday-themed burlesque show at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater. Honestly, we’re not totally sure what to expect, but everything in that last sentence makes this event sound a lot more interesting than the traditional 'orchestra and choir' holiday performances happening all over the city this month.

December 9 - Cookiefest 2017 @ Seattle Center Armory

Appropriately sponsored by the Seattle Milk Fund, Cookiefest 2017 is a pop-up bake sale with cookies donated by local bakers, businesses, and organizations. Get in the spirit: put on a Cookies snapback, smoke some Cookies, get in line an hour before the event starts (11am), and prepare for the cookie feast of your life!

December 9 -10 - Punk Rock Flea Market

Do you have all your holiday gifts ready to go? If not, you have 3 options: 1) puff a CBD cartridge then brave the intense crowds downtown, 2) get stoned, stay home, and order a bunch of stuff off Amazon, or 3) get high, get out, and shop for local & unique gifts at Punk Rock Flea Market. While department stores or Prime are both solid options, you have to admit that the Punk Rock Flea Market sounds a lot more fun.

December 14 - Weed School: From the Soil Farms @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! The team behind From the Soil Farms— a customer and staff favorite— will be in the store from 4 to 7 to talk to customers about their living soil cultivation process and how it improves the flavors and effects of their strains. All From the Soil products will be 20% OFF ALL DAY!

December 14 - La Croix Food Art Collection

With its instantaneous ability to counteract cottonmouth, La Croix has become a modern staple in the refrigerators of smokers and dabbers across the northwest. Genevieve St Charles (a Seattle artist celebrating the aesthetic of junk food) is exhibiting a gallery of La Croix themed art as part of the Capitol Hill Art Walk; stop by 420 13th Ave E (inside The Normandy Arms) between 5 to 9pm to sip some La Croix cocktails and admire works featuring kooky flavors like Poke Bowl and Avocado Toast.

December 15 - Christmas Ship™ Parade of Boats Viewing Party @ Lake Union

If you like Christmas, boats, and seemingly unnecessary trademark symbols, then you’re going to love the Christmas Ship™ Festival by Argosy Cruises! The Christmas Ship™ itself is a 3-hour cruise featuring festive lights, an onboard choir, Santa, and a reading of ’Twas The Night Before Christmas,’ but if all that sounds like Hell on Earth to you then check out the free Christmas Ship™ Parade of Boats Viewing Party instead. Go to Evanston Plaza at the Fremont Lake Union Center at 7:30pm to watch the Christmas Ship™ lead a parade of decorated boats through the water! This will assuredly be a sight to behold, so stop by Herbn Elements™ on your way there and pick up some Weed™ or Vape Carts™.

December 16 - Benefit for Jon Hernandez @ The Kraken

Hopefully you read our description for the first event we mentioned (December 2: Benefit for Jon Hernandez), but if not, please scroll back up to see why this event is important to us. In addition to the December 2 show in Everett, there will be another benefit concert for the Hernandez family at The Kraken in the University District. Come out, rock out to Silent Opposition, and show your support!

December 17 - Seahawks vs The Rams @ Centurylink Field

The Seahawks and the Rams have had a fierce rivalry for as long as anyone can remember (well, at least since the Rams moved back to Los Angeles like a year ago). Historically our boys don’t usually do well against the Rams, so April anticipates that it’ll be a very frustrating game to watch, especially with Sherman and the others being out for the season. Better come and see us just in case.

December 21 - Weed School: Avitas @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! Meet the folks from Avitas and pick up their new premium wickless vape carts while they’re 20% OFF ALL DAY! Come pick their brains about their CO2 extraction processes, or ask them what Avitas means and gauge their reactions.

December 24 - Diagon Alley

Dude! Some guy in Ballard quit his job to build a full-scale replica of Diagon Alley in his driveway! It’s been running since Halloween, but we only just found out about it! How epic is that?! Bring the kids and check it out before it ends on December 25th. It’s at NW 49th St & 17th Ave NW (the alley is on 13th Ave, just north of 75th).

December 25 - Christmas Day

We’ll be closed all day on the 25th, but we’re open regular hours (8am to 11:45pm) on the 24th! If you need a little support to tolerate your family for a whole day (or a fun bonding activity to share with them), come by and see us before Christmas.

December 28 - Weed School: Green Revolution @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! Are you ready for the revolution? The crew from Green Revolution (formerly known as Ethos) will be in the shop to talk about their spray tinctures, including their high CBN sleep spray. Their products will be 20% OFF ALL DAY.

December 31 - Seahawks vs Cardinals @ Centurylink Field

The Hawks are playing the Cardinals at Centurylink Field on New Year’s Eve! As you may have gathered from our monthly event blogs, my sports prowess isn’t quite on par with my cannabis knowledge, so I asked Herbn's resident football expert what she thinks about the game. “I don’t really believe [The Cardinals] are a real team,” says April, “or that Arizona is a real state.” Seems legit. I’ll need Herbn’s resident geography expert to help verify that last bit, but I feel like I learned something about sports today.

That’s all for now! We hope you have a happy holiday (whatever you celebrate—even just the observance of the bank holiday) and a safe New Year’s Eve! Just remember that we will be closed on December 25th and January 1st, so please plan accordingly. If you’re in a rush, try our handy pre-ordering system and get 10% off your purchase (with the exception of sale items).

Article by Ramsey Doudar; an in-house marketing and social media strategist at Herbn Elements. Ramsey's perspective is influenced by 1.5 years of budtending, 5 years as a cannabis industry marketing professional, and 10+ years of being a super picky medical patient.