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Seattle Events: 420 Weekend 2018

April 12, 2018 @ 8:25AM

4/20 falls on a Friday this year, and we’re looking forward to celebrating our favorite holiday all weekend long (scroll to the end of the article to see our 420 deals)! Here’s a list of our favorite Seattle events happening over 420 weekend:

Friday, April 20 - 420fest @ Culture Yard

Organized by the same folks who put on Seattle Hempfest every year, 420fest is a free members-only party— hear me out though— with DJs, pizza, and a raffle to support Jimmy Romans (who’s currently serving 30 years in prison for cannabis distribution). Because this is a private, members only event, it’s safe to assume that there will be flagrant cannabis consumption. If you’re not already a Hempfest member, you can purchase a membership at the door for $15.

Friday, April 20 - An Evening With Kevin Smith @ The Neptune

Join late-in-life-stoner Kevin Smith— director of classic comedies like Clerks and Dogma— for an evening of “Q&A” (historically, he rants for a minimum of 30 minutes per question) and anecdotes. The fact that this event falls on 4/20 is hardly a coincidence, but I happen to know from personal experience that conspicuous cannabis consumption is frowned upon at The Neptune.

Friday, April 20 - Kylie Minogue’s Acid Playhouse @ Chop Suey!

This event starts off innocently enough with $5 cocktails and unadulterated Kylie Minogue classics, then at 10pm the music evolves into acid-tinged techno remixes of your favorite Kylie tracks. Drag queens are somehow involved too, so it definitely sounds like a hell of a fun party for anyone open-minded.

Friday, April 20 - Super Troopers 2

The time is meow, my friends; the long-awaited sequel to one of the greatest stoner movies ever made is in theaters on 4/20!

Friday, April 20 - Weedini: The Marijuana Magician @ The Pocket Theater

Round up the crew and get ready for some mind-blowing illusions from award-winning magician Weedini! Supporting this sort of sorcery back in the day could have gotten you stoned to death, but thankfully the modern world enables us to get stoned to death before delighting in comedic witchcraft.

Friday, April 20 - Ghostblood Album Release Barf-stavaganza @ The Central Saloon

To the uninitiated, the idea of getting stoned and going to a metal show seems counterintuitive, but it’s standard procedure for a great number of metalheads. If you’ve never been high at a metal show, let Ghostblood be your first! Describing their music as “gore-splattered ghostly thrash-blackening death-blood music,"Ghostblood is a refreshing local metal act in that they don’t take themselves seriously at all. Their 4/20 performance with Xoth doubles as a release party for their new album.

Saturday, April 21 - Snoop Dogg’s 5th Annual Wellness Retreat @ accesso ShoWare Center

Uncle Snoop is coming back to Washington! If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the Doggfather in person, it's a stoner rite of passage akin to a pilgrimage to Amsterdam. Fun fact: the strain Snoop’s Dream is positioned as a cross of Snoop’s 2 favorite strains, but a brief conversation I had with his business manager (who is partially responsible for acquiring cannabis for Snoop everywhere he travels) revealed that it's a misnomer because Snoop doesn’t even like Blue Dream or Master Kush... he’s an OG Kush purist.

Saturday, April 21 - The Fresh Prince of Capitol Hill: A 90s Hip Hop Dance Party @ Neumo's

For a child of the 90s, nothing beats the nostalgic yet ironic feeling of dancing to the cheesy music of your youth. Celebrating 90s hip hop, The Fresh Prince of Capitol Hill promises to play some Will Smith jams, but we better hear some Salt N Pepa too!

Saturday, April 21 - Stand Up For Harm Reduction @ The Highline

On a serious note, I'm very thankful that my recreational habit doesn’t cause me or anyone else harm; being a nontoxic substance that doesn't interact with your vital bodily functions, you couldn’t die from using cannabis even if you tried. Comparatively speaking, heroin users— who, despite the stigma attached to them, are still people just like you and I— face the risk of an overdose death every time they consume. The Seattle King County Health Department approved 2 safe injection sites just over a year ago, but the locations have yet to be revealed, and the source of funding for the $3M to $4M necessary has yet to be determined.

All that backstory was to say this: if you’d like to help fund Seattle’s safe injection sites, consider attending (or just buying a ticket) to Stand Up For Harm Reduction, a comedy showcase and variety show benefitting Peoples Harm Reduction Alliance (PHRA). Laugh for a good cause!

Sunday, April 22 - Free State Parks Day

Entry to Washington state parks is free on Sunday, April 22 (no Discover Pass required), so go get some fresh air! As a reminder, you can’t legally smoke pot in a state park if you’re in public view, but you can totally toke up, "within the confines of your own tent or RV,” according to Toni Droscher, a spokeswoman for the state parks commission. She also added that you can’t smoke, “in a state-park-owned yurt or cabin or platform tent,” so have fun and make good choices out there!

Have a fun and safe 420 weekend! Start the weekend right by coming to see us first! Here’s a list of our 420 deals...

Wednesday, April 18 - Weed School: From the Soil @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! The team behind From the Soil Farms— a customer and staff favorite— will be in the store from 4 to 7 to talk to customers about their living soil cultivation process and how it improves the flavors and effects of their strains. Stock up for 420 weekend because all From the Soil products (including their Soil to Oil concentrates) will be 20% OFF ALL DAY!

Thursday, April 19 - Friday, April 20 - 420 Deals @ Herbn Elements


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Article by Ramsey Doudar; an in-house marketing and social media strategist at Herbn Elements. Ramsey's perspective is influenced by 1.5 years of budtending, 5 years as a cannabis industry marketing professional, and 10+ years of being a super picky medical patient.